The world that surrounds us is only LIGHT that had passed through the filter of our eyes, got polished and refined by our soul, and finally, became registered by our consciousness.

Dear Friends,
It is with great pleasure and delight I am welcoming you to my website! My name is Lana  Hollin, I am a wedding, family and children's photographer with over 14 years of professional experience. Photography is my passion.  I love this magical creative process of capturing the essence of life in a perfect snapshot. When I am taking a picture I become enchanted with the radiance of light, grace of people's movement, range of their emotions, and everything that I see during the photo session. My customers inspire me to see a magic spark in everyone and everything. This fills my heart with love and appreciation, and this passion is reflected in the heartfelt authenticity of the photographs that I create.
My customers and their stories are the source of my infinite inspiration and desire to create together with them. I make them feel at ease by completely relating to their feelings in the moment –happiness of the newlyweds, playfulness of a child, delight of a baby, pride of the new parents, and joy of the everyday living… The main objective of my work is to capture and reveal the life sparkle in every person and in every image. When I am saying that I want to take a photograph of someone, I mean that I want to express the beauty and the radiance of everything this person encompasses.
Through my photographs and paintings I strive to convey the esthetics and innate beauty of everything I witness and feel, and it never ceases to inspire me. And now, with great joy and excitement, I invite you to create beautiful moments together!